Three-Body Season 1 Episode 3 (S01 E03)

The countdown appears in front of Wang Miao

In a panic, Wang Miao developed, photographed, developed and photographed again, trying to find the principle of this impossible event. How could there be different numbers on the negative! Wang Miao rushed out of the room to borrow a neighbor’s camera, and even asked his wife Li Yao and daughter Doudou to take photos together for verification. Finally, he found that this was a set of countdown numbers, and only appeared when he took photos. This discovery made Wang Miao extremely frightened. Wang Miao picked up the camera and wanted to go for maintenance. He drove his car out of the community. Shi Qiang’s car followed him closely. He had been monitoring Wang Miao’s actions. On the way, a flashing digital countdown suddenly appeared in front of Wang Miao, and he suddenly stepped on the brake.

Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 3
Episode Title: The countdown appears in front of Wang Miao
Air Date: 2023-01-15


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