Three-Body Season 1 Episode 2 (S01 E02) NETNAIJA MP4 DOWNLOAD

Wang Miao’s physical cognition was subverted

Ding Yi was not surprised by Wang Miao’s sudden visit. He looked very depressed while drinking wine. They talked about Yang Dong and her suicide. Ding Yi suddenly pulled Wang Miao to play billiards, using billiards as a metaphor for the collision of accelerators. He told Wang Miao that things that could not have happened in people’s concept before actually happened now, which also explained the meaning that physics does not exist in Yang Dong’s posthumous note. Wang Miao understood that there was a big problem in the scientific community, which made him nervous. Ding Yi recalled that on the night when Yang Dong’s experiment failed, they came to Professor Manfei’s residence and found that the professor was dead. At the scene of death, Yang Dong found the data earlier than his experiment time, and was terrified.

Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 2
Episode Title: Wang Miao’s physical cognition was subverted
Air Date: 2023-01-15


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