Three-Body Season 1 Episode 4 (S01 E04) NETNAIJA MP4 DOWNLOAD

Wang Miao declares war on Shen Yufei

Wang Miao came to the Nano Center. He looked very haggard after being tortured by the countdown. The research of the nano flying blade encountered some difficulties. He had been trying to break through. He was exhausted and ordered to suspend the experiment. At the moment when the instruments stopped, the countdown in front of him also disappeared. Anger rose in Wang Miao’s heart. He questioned Shen Yufei, saying that she could not stop her research with this little magic. Three days later, she would restart the nano-test. At the same time, he also declared war on Shen Yufei and welcomed her to play her tricks on a larger scale. Shen Yufei told Wang Miao in a calm but chilling tone that after three days, the whole universe will shine for you.

Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 4
Episode Title: Wang Miao declares war on Shen Yufei
Air Date: 2023-01-15


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