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Loot Season 2 Episode 3 (S02E03) - Vengeance Falls

When Nicholas’ new play premieres, Molly brings some surprise visitors. Howard suspects Sofia is hiding a secret.LootSeason Number: 2Episode Number: 3Episode Title: Vengeance FallsAir Date: 2024-04-09

Movie: Sunrise (2024)

When an ex-cop named Fallon returns to the scene of a horrific crime, the residents of a rural town soon discover that this dark visitor is really a vampire who feeds on blood and fear.After he is befriended by a kind immigrant family, the instinctive killer is faced with a choice between revenge and...

The Brothers Sun Season 1 Episode 7 (S01E07) - Gymkata

With the ghosts gathering in Los Angeles, the family regroups until an unexpected visitor disrupts their plans. A momentous occasion descends into chaos.The Brothers SunSeason Number: 1Episode Number: 7Episode Title: GymkataAir Date: 2024-01-04

Movie: The Sacrifice Game (2023)

Christmas break, 1971. Samantha and Clara, two students who are staying behind for the holidays at their boarding school, must survive the night after the arrival of uninvited visitors. The Sacrifice Game (2023)Genre : Horror, ThrillerDirector : Jenn WexlerStars : Georgia Acken, Mena Massoud, Olivia...

Killing It Season 2 Episode 1 (S02E01) - What You Sow

Craig and Jillian prepare for the farm’s first shipment of saw palmetto berries, but a series of unexpected visitors puts everything they’ve worked for in jeopardy. A new employee is a thorn in their side.Killing ItSeason Number: 2Episode Number: 1Episode Title: What You SowAir Date: 2023-08-17

The Upshaws Season 4 Episode 5 (S04E05) - Really, Mama?

A surprise visitor puts Bennie’s loyalties to the test. Lucretia secures a new source of income that makes her circumstances more challenging.The UpshawsSeason Number: 4Episode Number: 5Episode Title: Really, Mama?Air Date: 2023-08-17

Good Omens Season 2 Episode 1 (S02E01) - Chapter 1: The Arrival

Retired angel Aziraphale and retired demon Crowley’s lives are upended when a visitor arrives on the doorstep of Aziraphale’s bookshop, bringing chaos. Local shopkeepers Maggie and Nina get locked in to Nina’s coffee shop when Crowley loses his temper. Heaven and Hell are suspicious, and Crowley and...

Taj: Divided by Blood Season 2 Episode 5 (S02E05) - Blood Brothers

Salim and Akbar are haunted by their past. The kingdom is rife with anticipation about the future as Akbar’s health worsens. Ruqaiya and Abul Fazl plot against Salim, while Daniyal has a surprise visitor. Taj: Divided by Blood Season Number: 2 Episode Number: 5 Episode Title: Blood Brothers Air Date:...

Taj: Divided by Blood Season 2 Episode 3 (S02E03) - The Hunt

Akbar organises a hunt in the hopes of reuniting the family. Salim wins favour in the kingdom with the help of Mehrunissa. A surprise visitor poses a threat to Salim. Taj: Divided by Blood Season Number: 2 Episode Number: 3 Episode Title: The Hunt Air Date: 2023-05-12

Outlander Season 5 Episode 8 (S05E08) - Famous Last Words

The Frasers must come to terms with all that has changed in the aftermath of the Battle of Alamance Creek. Brianna tries to help Roger overcome the trauma he has endured. An unexpected visitor arrives at the Ridge. Outlander Season Number: 5 Episode Number: 8 Episode Title: Famous Last Words Air Date:...

Movie: Emotions (2023)

Amidst a string of disasters during their journey to parenthood, a couple finds hope and strength in solving each challenge. However, when an unexpected visitor arrives, they are confronted with revelations that forever change their lives. Find out more.

Year Of Season 1 Episode 5 (S01E05) - Episode 5

As the Haleem household prepares for an eagerly awaited visitor, the Jubilee football team gears up for its first game back since the tragedy. Year Of Season Number: 1 Episode Number: 5 Episode Title: Episode 5 Air Date: 2023-06-09

Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 15 (S02E15) - The Celestial visitor

As things begin to go haywire at The Claw, a striking stranger appears looking for Nancy, and announces himself as the billionaire Tom Swift. Meanwhile, Ace has issues with the way Nancy insists on handling things with Celia. Nancy Drew Season Number: 2 Episode Number: 15 Episode Title: The Celestial...

9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 17 (S06E17) - Love Is in the Air

Athena and the 118 race to rescue when a wedding proposal tragically intersects with a bank robbery, and then when a princess bride is literally stuck on her way to the altar. Athena talks a victim thru her grief; Maddie takes matters into her own hands as Buck finds a surprise visitor on his doorstep. 9-1-1 Season...

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 20 (S04E20) - These Walls

The witness Remy and Kristen are visiting in prison is put in danger when a riot breaks out, leaving the staff and visitors held hostage by two murderous gangs. FBI: Most Wanted Season Number: 4 Episode Number: 20 Episode Title: These Walls Air Date: 2023-05-09

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