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Tvseries: Maestra [korean]

Cha Se Eum used to be a violinist, but she is now a conductor of an orchestra. She has pursued her career boldly and with passion. She is now in a position where others are envious. What others don’t know is that Cha Se Eum carries a secret. That secret will shake her life.Meanwhile, mysterious...

My Man Is Cupid [korean] Season 1 Episode 14 (S01E14) - Jealousy

Just before his final “metamorphosis”, Sang-hyuk finds out who Baek-ryeon is and feels very confused. After hearing that once he enters the transformation phase, nobody can tell when he will come out, Baek-ryeon fears that Sang-hyuk will disappear forever. Jae-hee happens to see a portrait of Sang-hyuk...

My Man Is Cupid [korean] Season 1 Episode 13 (S01E13) - Cause And Effect

The police arrest Kim Myeong-sik as the prime suspect who finally confesses that he killed Go Eun-seo. He claims that there will be no more victims since he will be locked up. Meanwhile, Jeong-ah’s parents come to Baekryeon’s animal hospital, and Baekryun suddenly sheds tears as she hears the story of...

Tvseries: A Good Day to Be a Dog (korean)

An unpredictable fantasy romance between a woman living under a curse that causes her to turn into a dog when kissed, and the only one who can help her overcome the curse is a man who is afraid of dogs.

Movie: Rebound [korean] (2023)

We shined more than anyone else on the courtThis true story retells the incredible tale of the 2012 National High School Basketball Championship, in which a new coach and six players from the weakest basketball team ran nonstop for eight days.

Tvseries: Single's Inferno

A romantic and exciting dating reality show that follows 10 men and women trapped on a hot deserted island.On a deserted island, flirtatious singles look for love, because only as a couple can they leave the island for a romantic date in paradise.S02: A new cast of singles comes together on a remote...

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