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Mr. Bigstuff season 1 Episode 5 (S01E05) - Episode 5

Lee realizes his past has caught up with him and takes drastic action. Kirsty finally comes clean about her shoplifting habit.Mr. Bigstuffseason Number: 1Episode Number: 5Episode Title: Episode 5Air Date: 2024-07-31

Mr. Bigstuff season 1 Episode 4 (S01E04) - Episode 4

Still reeling from the fight club, Glen’s promotion is ruined by a drunk Ian. Lee spills more about the men after him.Mr. Bigstuffseason Number: 1Episode Number: 4Episode Title: Episode 4Air Date: 2024-07-24

Mr. Bigstuff season 1 Episode 3 (S01E03) - Episode 3

Glen poses as acting manager of the store and the Power goes to his head. Lee starts a fight club to help him regain his mojo.Mr. Bigstuffseason Number: 1Episode Number: 3Episode Title: Episode 3Air Date: 2024-07-24

Mr. Bigstuff season 1 Episode 2 (S01E02) - Episode 2

Kirsty pushes Glen to organize a Chinese meal to impress his boss, Ian, as Lee remains determined to find their ’uncle’ Steve.Mr. Bigstuffseason Number: 1Episode Number: 2Episode Title: Episode 2Air Date: 2024-07-17

Cobra Kai season 6 Episode 5 (S06E05) - Best of the Best

Miyagi-Do’s top students square off to be team captains, but a devastating tragedy changes everything. Kreese reveals his final surprise.Cobra Kaiseason Number: 6Episode Number: 5Episode Title: Best of the BestAir Date: 2024-07-18

Cobra Kai season 6 Episode 4 (S06E04) - Underdogs

Daniel and Johnny invite a new sensei to evaluate their students. Friends become foes as the competition heats up for a spot in the Sekai Taikai.Cobra Kaiseason Number: 6Episode Number: 4Episode Title: UnderdogsAir Date: 2024-07-18

Cobra Kai season 6 Episode 3 (S06E03) - Sleeper

A shocking discovery turns Daniel’s world upside down. Johnny schemes a way to give Sam and Tory their edge back. The tournament reveals its location.Cobra Kaiseason Number: 6Episode Number: 3Episode Title: SleeperAir Date: 2024-07-18

Cobra Kai season 6 Episode 2 (S06E02) - The Prize

Kreese faces a dangerous test to prove his worthiness. Daniel offers Johnny a helping hand while the teens contemplate life beyond high school.Cobra Kaiseason Number: 6Episode Number: 2Episode Title: The PrizeAir Date: 2024-07-18

Unprisoned season 2 Episode 8 (S02E08) - The After Party

After suffering a devastating family loss, the Alexanders make major breakthroughs in becoming a family, only to be confronted with a new revelation that may turn it all upside down.Unprisonedseason Number: 2Episode Number: 8Episode Title: The After PartyAir Date: 2024-07-17

Unprisoned season 2 Episode 7 (S02E07) - A PTCD Christmas Carole

Edwin and the family deck the halls and jingle the bells; Paige must get to the bottom of why she doesn’t like Christmas before she ends up ruining it for everyone and has a major revelation on the process.Unprisonedseason Number: 2Episode Number: 7Episode Title: A PTCD Christmas CaroleAir Date:...

Unprisoned season 2 Episode 6 (S02E06) - The Legend of the Rollerblades

When Paige, Finn, Edwin, and Esti visit Los Angeles, everyone must confront their past and present; Paige and Finn finally reunite with Finn’s father, while Esti and Edwin attend a Korean trans-racial adoption meetup.Unprisonedseason Number: 2Episode Number: 6Episode Title: The Legend of the RollerbladesAir...

Unprisoned season 2 Episode 5 (S02E05) - Trigger Happy

Edwin savours a big career win catering Esti’s open house, Paige’s triggers are exposed when Nadine joins their family therapy session and everyonetakes it to the mat in a family smackdown; winner heals all.Unprisonedseason Number: 2Episode Number: 5Episode Title: Trigger HappyAir Date: 2024-07-17

Unprisoned season 2 Episode 4 (S02E04) - Into-Me-You-See

When a former flame slides into Paige’s DMs, she finds herself wondering if she can relive what they once had; meanwhile, Edwin investigates if a past crime might be coming back to haunt him and Finn starts exploring questions about his father.Unprisonedseason Number: 2Episode Number: 4Episode Title:...

Unprisoned season 2 Episode 3 (S02E03) - How To Be A Friend

Paige tries being friends with Mal, but keeps running into the same obstacle: his new girlfriend; meanwhile, with college looming, Finn volunteers at the halfway-house, where Edwin teaches him how to fight more than his feelings.Unprisonedseason Number: 2Episode Number: 3Episode Title: How To Be A FriendAir...

Unprisoned season 2 Episode 2 (S02E02) - How To Be A Cat

Following a revelatory family therapy session, Paige takes Edwin’s advice and experiments in dating like a cat, while Edwin pursues new employment, and Finn tries to make a friend.Unprisonedseason Number: 2Episode Number: 2Episode Title: How To Be A CatAir Date: 2024-07-17

Unprisoned season 2 Episode 1 (S02E01) - Don’t Try Harder, Try Different

After Paige’s viral TED Talk leads to public scrutiny of her personal life, Finn finds himself in crisis, and Edwin has to make a decision about how best to support his family; the Alexanders turn to another expert with an unconventional approach.Unprisonedseason Number: 2Episode Number: 1Episode Title:...

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