Kokdu: Season of Deity NETNAIJA MP4 DOWNLOAD

Kokdu: Season of Deity MP4 DOWNLOAD

A fantasy medical drama about a high-ranking grim reaper named Kkok Du, who is the only being to exist in the underworld. Every 99 years, the cold and cruel Kkok Du must take a break from his job in the underworld and spend 49 days in the mortal realm-and this time, he winds up inhabiting the body of the human Do Jin Woo. While living as Do Jin Woo, he meets Han Gye Jeol, a female doctor who has the mysterious ability to order Kkok Du around.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Stars: Kim Jung-hyun, Im Soo-hyang, An Woo-yeon, Kim Da-som

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt25699926/

Premiere: Jan 27, 2023 (South Korea)


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