The Spiderwick Chronicles

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Based on the best-selling novels by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a modern coming-of-age story combined with a fantasy adventure.

The Grace family moves from Brooklyn, New York, to their ancestral home in Henson, Michigan, the Spiderwick Estate. Helen makes the move with her 15-year-old fraternal twin boys, Jared and Simon, and her older daughter, Mallory.

Shortly after moving to the Spiderwick Estate Jared discovers a boggart and realizes that magical creatures are real! The only one to believe him is his great-aunt Lucinda who implores Jared to find the pages of her father's field guide to magical creatures and protect them from the murderous Ogre, Mulgarath.

Genre: Drama Adventure Fantasy

Stars: Lyon Daniels, Noah Cottrell, Christian Slater, Mychala Faith Lee, Joy Bryant


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